The products developed by PRODPRO are the result of the experience accumulated with our customers. Solutions perfected over the years, to common problems in multiple sectors. Creative, durable, adaptable, productive and economical solutions to needs that have projection in multiple sectors.

The effectiveness and possibility of industrialization of many of these solutions is what has led us to offer them as standard products.

Our catalog

Air treatment equipment

Our range of products for air treatment covers various industry sectors for which they are intended. Whether they are pharmaceutical laboratories, clean rooms for food processing, process rooms and electronics manufacturing, clean rooms for the production of sectors such as automotive and aerospace…

Our products can be found in many installations signed by the main cleanroom integrating engineering companies, and we also supply our equipment directly to the end customer.


The manufacture of machinery, accessories, and workstations for the greenhouse sector has been one of the pillars of PRODPRO Industrial since the beginning. The product catalog for this sector is wide and varied.

The products for the greenhouse sector cover most of the phases of plant maintenance. From the in-vitro creation to the shipping of the product.

We have products for greenhouses all over the world. With this range of products we have managed to export to four of the five continents.

Airports, logistics and maintenance

Our products for the airport, logistics and product and goods handling sectors are a constant. These sectors account for 35% of our turnover and support our commitment to quality and deadlines.

Plastic processing machinery

The plastics handling and processing sector has occupied us a lot in recent years. This has resulted in a number of products that have become standard.