Plastic processing machinery

Plastic processing machinery

The plastics handling and processing sector has occupied us a lot in recent years. This has resulted in a number of products that have become standard.


The airport sector is one of our main sectors. Specifically in the design and manufacture of passenger filters.

Our product line for the plastics sector is a product consisting of two machines that make up an end of line to make bales of fiber, hair, hairs,… coming from the continuous production of plastic filament. This type of end of line is used by those who need bundles for the production of brushes, polypropylene fiber reinforcement for concrete, brushes,…

The line is composed of two phases; the braid forming machine and the bale cutting machine.



The braid forming machine (Ferris wheel) is the machine capable of automatically transforming the continuous filament into a braid of adjustable diameter and length to be cut later.

This machine, which takes the continuous fiber and winds it up, until a braid is obtained, completely film-coated with shrinkable plastic (water-soluble or not, depending on the application), is capable of changing the machine, stretching the fiber, filming it and taking it out of the machine automatically and continuously, without the need to stop the line or make any manual maneuver, since it is equipped with two machines that are automatically interchanged without stopping the line.



The bale cutting machine is an innovative processing machine that allows to cut the braid derived from the braid forming machine in a fully automatic way. Its feeding, downstream of the braid machine, is fully automatic, and it is able to cut the whole braid separating the waste automatically.

This machine has a retractable cutting system that allows it to be fully automatic and separates the waste for further processing if necessary. It is suitable for the cutting of both stretched, reinforced, synthetic and natural fibers.

The innovative cutting system makes it unique in automatic bale processing. The speed is surprisingly high, 50 times per second, reaching a processing speed of 180kg/hour.


The bag compacting machine can be used in most processes where product compaction is not a problem and an increase in the density per volume of the packaging is required for transport. This simple product allows to compact bags, inside boxes, to put more bags in each box and allow to increase the ratio of kg per unit volume in the transport of the product.

  • It is a very efficient and fully automatic machine that can be put in any end of line before closing the box.
  • It is adaptable in size, pressure, format,… and has a very fast economic return in transport savings.
  • It is able to extend the radius of action of any low value product, since it severely reduces the transport costs per kg, thus bringing closer to destinations never foreseen.