The manufacture of machinery, accessories, and workstations for the greenhouse sector has been one of the pillars of PRODPRO Industrial since its inception. The catalog of products for this sector is very wide and varied.

The products for the greenhouse sector cover most of the plant maintenance phases. From its in-vitro creation to the shipment of the product.

We have products for greenhouses all over the world. With this range of products we have managed to export to four continents.


The plant movement robots are one of the products designed for the installation of highly technical greenhouses, where the movement of plants is done by trays. Our robots are designed to pick up, accumulate, move and drop standard or customized plant trays.

The range of robots is divided in two:

  • The fast range or shuttle: With less load capacity but designed for fast and non-programmable movements.
  • The high capacity range: Designed to move more plant capacity, with more systematic and programmable movements. Capable of operating without a driver.
    The tray measures can be adaptable, and we have several rail systems depending on whether the greenhouses are paved or not.

Electrification can be fixed, catenary or battery operated.


Plant cutting machines are a constant in the greenhouse sector, but there are different types depending on the characteristics of the cut to be made.

The machines can be with or without waste collection, adjustable with height, hot cutting for neutralization of pheromones and other bacteria or infections, mobile or fixed…

At PRODPRO Industrial, we have a range of products that can be adapted to all the casuistic characteristics to find the most suitable cut for each application.


One of the most interesting products in our catalog is the in-vitro seedling multiplication racks.

The values of this product that make it a firm winner in its field are:

  • Low energy consumption due to the use of LED light. This will also allow savings in air conditioning of the rooms, since it produces practically no heat in its operation.
  • The high density of plants per m² of laboratory.
  • The quality of light that reaches each floor thanks to its distribution.
  • Competitive cost per shelf.


The workstations and technical furniture that we have for this sector is the most extensive catalog we have.

Practically all the construction of this type of furniture is in stainless steel AISI 304.

We have workstations for the following operations, many of them with several different models depending on the plant to be worked and/or its caliber:

  • Plant grafting stations
  • Plant transplanting stations
  • Plant hormone stations
  • Plant selection stations
  • Planting plant stations
  • Plant binding stations
  • Plant dispatch stations

And we are ready to redesign for those tasks that the customer needs.