Air treatment

Air treatment

Our range of air treatment products encompasses the various industry sectors for which they are intended. Whether they are pharmaceutical laboratories, clean rooms for food processing, process rooms and electronics manufacturing, clean rooms for the production of sectors such as automotive and aerospace…

Our products can be found in many installations signed by the main cleanroom integrating engineering companies, and we also supply our equipment directly to the end customer.


Our range of pass-throughs, Passbox or SAS, are designed for the exchange of materials between rooms, avoiding cross-contamination of the environments.

Our equipment, 100% designed and manufactured at our facilities, can be adapted to any installation thanks to the parametric and concurrent design that allows us to adapt them to the desired measurements quickly and reliably, without affecting it in terms of performance or manufacturability.

The range available is very wide, both in terms of sizes and in terms of accessories and different architectures. We have single Passbox, double horizontal, double vertical, with three doors, double vertical to three doors, with 90° outlets… and any of the previous possible combinations, since our design allows these combinations without altering the main part of the equipment’s operation.

Its installation is very simple in any type of closing means used for the room. We have a wide range of supports and legs to support it in different situations.

The control system is of our own design, where the electronics will allow us to control all types of internal and external parameters requested by the customer. The equipment is programmable and has inputs and outputs to facilitate maneuvers and/or
to facilitate maneuvers and/or complementary actions to its operation. It can activate output relays for the control of motors, lights, external enclaves…


Our range of laminar flows is characterized by its versatility

This system has a balance between light density, light quality, airflow, and can density per unit of laboratory surface. It has the result of several years of testing in the industry and is able to increase the multiplication performance in many cases up to coefficients of 4.

Our product is intended to be similar to final installations without any electrical installation work. It is ready to be “plug and play”, and has a very simple mechanical assembly.
assembly. The density of racks per transport volume is also very high, which has allowed us to export this product to four of the five continents of the world.

The values of this product that make it a firm winner in its field are:

  • Low energy consumption due to the use of LED light. This will also allow savings in air conditioning of the rooms, since it produces practically no heat in its operation.
  • The high density of plants per m² of laboratory.
  • The quality of light that reaches each floor thanks to its distribution.
  • Competitive cost per shelf.


As a particular case of our laminar flows, we also manufacture pelletizing booths for recipe handling.

Normally with AISI 304 stainless steel construction, but we can also vary the design and measures according to the customer’s criteria.